What’s wrong with this picture?

Wow, my story was from a totally different angle… but sounds really familiar, all the same! Thanks for writing it so explicitly and honestly, it made me feel less alone in my emotional wound-licking (lol half-hearted silly self-pity party). Would be interested to hear what you think of the SMART Recovery activities online (I’ve found it more helpful than most approaches) and how “gung-ho” you are for the 12 steps as the “one and only true way” or whether you’re a DIY mindful-reflection-and-rethinking-based holistic recovery geek like myself. ;->
Tho we should definitely not meet in person when either of us is struggling in recovery (or doing “fantastically well” for that matter either).

Okay, enough sleep-dep babbling. TX!


Here I am. Yep, that’s me in all my glory.

What a fine specimen!!!

As you can see I wasn’t having such a good day back then. This was me in 2008, while I was a guest of the Sheriff’s Bed & Breakfast. What a great place to detox, and it was the best in jailhouse cuisine and accommodations that crime can buy these days. What you cannot see is my broken hand from the night festivities of which I was kindly shackled from and given a three day, two nights, all inclusive vacation. I would like to take this opportunity tothank the kind citizens of Texas for their great hospitality and understanding with my insanity of the moment.

I did not always look, like this, angry, frustrated, very grumpy, and extremely resentful. The days that had led up this moment started many months before. Let me take you back to…

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Draw Back a Veil

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